Sunny Day Photo Galleries

Sunny Day Photo Galleries


Date: 12.20.13
Description: Our Sunny Day students have a Christmas Birthday Party for Jesus!

Date: 12.19.13
Description: We held Sunny Day Christmas Family Night on December 19th. We began with a Pizza Party where all our families could fellowship together. Following the meal, our families learned how to make a boxwood centerpiece and each created one as a family. Moving into the sanctuary, Pastor Steve read the Christmas Story from Luke, chapter 2 and our boys and girls sang their Christmas favorites for their families. We hope that this evening helped remind all of us to stop, relax, and focus with our families on the true meaning of Christmas!

Date: 12.13.13
Description: Our Sunny Day boys and girls walked to Mallard Bay Nursing Home and sang Christmas songs and handed out boxes of Kleenexes with hand-made Christmas Cards to residents there.

Date: 11.26.13
Description: Our Sunny Day boys and girls put on a Thanksgiving program for parents and family members.

Date: 07.17.13
Description: Sunny Day Summer Fun Water Week included a visit from the Dorchester Family YMCA's Paige Cantebury who brought the message of water safety to our girls and boys.

Date: 07.15.13
Description: What can we do during a hot week in July? Let's Get Wet at the Sunny Day Summer Fun Water Week!

Date: 07.11.13
Description: Our special guest visited Sunny Day to teach the boys and girls about the game of Soccer during Sports Week. After explaining the game, the boys and girls were given the opportunity to practice their ball handling with some drills. He shoots!  He scores!!!

Date: 07.10.13
Description: The Sunny Day Summer Fun program's Sports Week included the ever popular sport Tee Ball. Here the boys and girls prepare to swing for the fence!

Date: 07.09.13
Description: The Sunny Day Summer Fun program also included the game of Tennis during Sports Week. After learning about the game, the boys and girls got to swing a racquet and hit a tennis ball.