Sunny Day Newsletters

Sunny Day Christian Preschool Newsletters


Thank you so much for a great beginning to Sunny Day! Our Open House was a big success with lots of boys and girls on a scavenger hunt. A big thank you to Miss Janice Elliott and Miss Susan Fitzhugh (our church secretary) for a happy refreshment time. Another big thank you goes to Mr. Wayne Asplen for painting our faces and hands. Oh, what fun!! It was great meeting all of our Sunny Day families.


Can you believe that May 2014 is here? I am truly amazed at how fast our school year has moved. It has been a very happy and exciting year for our little friends.


We have finally reached the month of APRIL with great expectations. Our thoughts go to warm weather and outside fun. NO MORE coats, boots, gloves, scarves, and hats. We anticipate Easter and all of the trimmings of Spring! Hurrah for great “sunny days”.


Hooray for March! Just the sound of the word makes us think of SPRING. March has come in like a lion so maybe it will go out like a warm gentle lamb. We surely pray so!

As spring comes, there will be many activities coming Sunny Day's way. Please check your child's cubby for more important events coming our way. Let's hope we can all get outdoors real soon and enjoy WARM weather.


I hope that you have had a great time with your child in the snow. For so many years our children have not had a good experience with snow. I know each of you have made lasting snow memories. Wonder what February will bring? Anytime the weatherman talks about snow, please listen to WBOC for Dorchester County delays and closings.


Happy New Year! I hope each and every one of you had a restful, joyful Christmas with your family and friends. I thank each of you for making our Christmas Family Night such a wonderful memory! To see each family eating together, working together, and singing together made my Christmas special. Thank you for such a wonderful Christmas present!


A big thank you to all who attended our Sunny Day Feast Day. It was a huge success! We just wanted to say to each family, "thank you for the memories"! What a wonderful singing time, a terrific meal, great cookies, and lots of great fellowship!! A big thank you for all of the toys! WOW!


Where did October go? Our boys and girls were meeting our firemen friends and then it seemed like Pumplin Day was here. October was a great month and our Sunny Day friends can look forward to a great Novemeber!


Happy Fall! This is a very exciting month for our little friends. New units of study are on their way.

Don't forget to sign and return the permission slip for the walking trip to Chesapeake Woods. We will walk over on Friday, October 25th.


A big thank you to each of our parents for making our opening of Sunny Day a smooth transition. Our boys and girls are learning their daily schedule and making many new friends. September will be a busy month for our classes. When our "sweet pea" comes home from school each day, please ask them about their day and what they made. This is a great communication builder and develops their oral language. All of our classes have new units of study.