First Baptist Church Library

Welcome to our Library!

The First Baptist Church library contains over 3000 books with Christian themes, family-rated movies and music CDs available for check-out by members.

The library is located across from the main sanctuary entrances and is open Sundays from 9:00 am until 10:30 am and weekdays during regular office hours.  If the library is not open, please ask a staff member for access.

If you have a favorite book, movie or CD that you believe others would enjoy, please write a brief review/recommendation and we will share it with other members.

Come, check us out!

Library Entrance




Categories of Books in the Library

  1. Baptists – Doctrines
  2. Baptists – History
  3. Bible
  4. Bible – Old Testament
  5. Bible – New Testament
  6. Christian Church
  7. Christian Life
  8. Christian Ministry
  9. Church Groups
  10. Consolation
  11. Death
  12. Denomination & Sects
  13. Devotional Literature
  14. Ethics
  15. Fiction
  16. God
  17. Holy Spirit
  18. Individual Biography
  19. Jesus Christ
  20. Marriage & Family
  21. Missionaries
  22. Missions
  23. Music
  24. Nonfiction
  25. Prayer
  26. Religious Education
  27. Sermons
  28. The Arts (music, etc)
  29. Witnessing
  30. Youth