2012 International Student Dinner Report

On Monday July 02, 2012, eighteen willing workers converged on O.C. Baptist church to prepare a dinner for international students working in Ocean City. We fed 479 International Students from 27 countries, 10 lifeguards, and countless volunteer dinners.

Avery special thanks to this great team who prepared and served the dinner. As you read the names, but aware that this year we had five (5) youth that worked just as hard as the adults.

Carolyn Armiger*   
Andy Engle*
Donna Era*   
Tom Coughlin*
Sandy Hurley *   
Lisa Crutchley*
Susan Fitzhugh*   
Samantha Crutchley*
Joan Nichols*   
Tori Crutchley*
Jim Nichols*   
Emily Fehsenfeld*
Rev. Steve Trice*   
Rachel Robbins*
Brenda Trice*   
Erin Robbins*
Elna Inora*
Marie Rose Francois*

On Saturday, prior to the dinner, Carolyn Armiger chopped 9 bulbs of celery, Darlene Burton sliced 68 cucumbers, and Donna Era sliced 10 pounds of red onions. On Monday morning, our kitchen helpers arrived to wash and dry 250 tomatoes, clean 2 cases of lettuce, drain 18 pounds of tuna fish, and helped pack the truck. A great thanks to these kitchen helpers: Phyllis Breitenbach, Darlene Burton, Ruth Rose, Clara Evans, Carolyn Armiger, Sandy Parks, DeeDee Wheatley

Thank you to Donna Engle and Sandy Parks who weeks before dinner assisted in purchasing food items, gathering coolers, freezing bottles of water, gathering utensils, and many other behind the scenes duties.

A special thank you to our wonderful minister who stopped on his way to the OC Baptist Church to purchase twenty (20), 2 gallon tubs of ice cream. Rev. Steve worked the entire evening in the kitchen, opening cans, making tuna fish, washing dishes, busing tables and taking out the trash.

Special thanks to all the FBC “Brownie Cooks” who baked 50 dozen brownies: Jane Brown, Richard Harper, Danielle Mathews, Rosemary Harper, Bonnie Griffith, Vivian Coughlin, Mary Moore, Clara Evans, Carol Andrews, Chrissy Stanley, Dee Dee Wheatley, Sandy Parks, Carol Fehensfeld, Maureen Harper, Pat Hurley, Phyllis Breitenbach, Ruth Rose, Darlene Burton, Fran Nute, Sylvia Vannoy, Sandy Hurley, Brenda Trice, Carolyn Armiger, Donna Era, Joan Nichols, Lisa Crutchley, Doris Hurley, and Carolyn Newcomb.

On Tuesday night, the church was able to feed 21 lifeguards with the left over food from Monday. It truly was a wonderful and rewarding experience ministering to these young people by serving them a wonderful dinner and sharing our time with them. Lynn Davis, Eastern Baptist Association told us that this is the 10th year for this ministry. God is Great and continues to bless this ministry.

Donna Era
Fellowship Committee