What Would You Be If Not A Baptist?


Three ministers were sitting in a retirement home discussing religion; a Baptist, a Methodist and a Presbyterian.

They started talking about religious groups other than their own that they admired the most.

The Presbyterian Minister said, "I've always admired the Catholics, with their formality, the architecture, the Latin and the grandeur of Mass. I think if I had not been a Presbyterian, I might have been a Catholic."

The Methodist Minister chimed in and said, "I've always admired the Amish, with their simple approach to life, their closeness to God and the land. If I hadn't been a Methodist, I think I would have liked to have been Amish."

The two then turned to their Baptist Brother who had suddenly become very quiet. One of them asked, "Well Brother, if you hadn't been a Baptist, what would you have been?"

His one word reply, "Ashamed."