Church Chuckles

Amusing jokes and stories

Time and Money

A young man once asked God how long a million years was to Him.

God replied, "A million years to me is just like a second in your time."

Then the young man asked God what a million dollars was to Him.

Out of the Mouth of a Child


Following the dedication of his baby brother in church, a four-year-old boy sobbed all the way home in the backseat of the car. His mom and dad asked him three times what was wrong, getting no reply, only more sobbing.

Finally, the boy replied, "The preacher said he wanted us to be brought up in a Christian home, but I want to stay with you guys!"


The Three Classes...

People can be placed into three classes:
The few who make things happen;
the many who watch things happen;
the overwhelming majority who have no idea what has happened.

Tim Hawkins on Hand Sanitizer (Video)


With flu season upon us, Tim takes a humorous look at the use of hand sanitizer in church.



Did You Make A Resolution?

“A New Year’s resolution is something
that goes in one year and out the other.”

Linus Explains What Christmas Is All About (Video)

From A Charile Brown Christmas, this short clip is as meaningful today as when it was made in 1965.



Corporate Worship Songs by Tim Hawkins (video)

Tim Hawkings, a Christian comedian, uses song to show us what might happen if corporations start using our praise and worship songs in their advertising.